lovin thoughts

love is not a possession,
it can not be lost, or found
just allowed
to happen
A happening!
try and contain it
build walls around your heart
keep your feet from dancing
fear falling further
into the pool of creation
if you have somewhere else to Be
love will in all ways be here
waiting for you
to just say yes!

less afraid to love
and less afraid
to admit it
I can’t contain it!!
I love you, and it’s no big deal

a lovely read::::


One thought on “lovin thoughts

  1. carol-anne, just a note to say goodbye, i sent the gifting[canada] but guess address was written wrong,so came back still have my moon stone. no old babes yet but always in my pocket. i stopped reading your blogg some time ago as it was too personal for a grandpa, reading poetry is energy intensive and i felt close just that one time. so don’t think you have done anything wrong. archtyply grandpa grandaughter for our 15 minutes. we men are broken/healed crooked[malmen] and the mal wymn[my generation] are just that[my generation i don’t know about yours] and the gendar war are intensifing or so my alone spirit tells me to stay away from all wymn except if i see someone messin’ with you all.and that’s the way it should be as america is about separation/emphire/wars, youth and children thrown away, 10-15 wymn’ll be raped and murdered[OUTRAGEOUS!!] MAL men everywhere in america today[maybe it’ll change?] and i have power to write and birth new reality…… have been in two fights protectin’……but others think am nuts at 72 to still brawl, bikin 20 miles day so am buff and vegan. will be off to the desert as soon as it cools down[nov.] am erasing personal history[gettin’ away from my big sis who sexually abused me as a boy and never apologized] and find a new family. death to my ego like buddha and live in tent northern desert, joshua tree,3-4 vmonths, then anza borrego southern deswert for rest of winter. have the new car/tent/water/shower and my material,86 jourals coverin’ 20 yrs as elem school tchr. and beansricelentils 4 books which are close to bein finished, big money should be a comin’….1,000 a month’ll soc.sec.keep me there.work will be getting to quiet monkey mind,raging internal diaogue, the chattering apes.

    sorry cannot make corrections,reread as torn rotor cuff makes typin’ a chore. and if i reread this i know i won’t send it. lady athlete i witnessed your ”perfect courage” plus your beauty, grace and intelligence….. still touches my heart…..you are a writter, no doubt about that……so wish you and yours only the best, the best of the best, grandpa richard richards. …..ps. peace, love, truth and beauty and as my beloved mother said to me on her death bed….”butchie boy don’t you dare let the bastards of life get you down.”…she never swore till then.

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