life lives through us

lol, it’s amazing!
that one does not have to actively pursue life
Alex_Grey_Vision_Tree.jpgto strive, to strain, to muscle and bone
and force It to be this way or that

it’s really more of an
a surrendering entirely to the flow
simply allowing Life to be lived through the self

Life, a fully conscious and vast being that
resides in all of us!!

can you imagine if the stories that ride out the course
of our lives
did not fuse themselves in sinew and muscle
to become the parts of us that we hate
moved through
with an eloquence that really spoke
of the impermanence of all experience

not being attached to the this and that
the goodbyes and the hellos of old and new
simply, observing – witnessing – allowing

it’s easy to speak of it, to write about it! lol, this whole
surrendering to life┬áto one’s life path
surrendering to the intrinsic knowing that
one cannot control it

it’s harder, sure
to trust that it’s all unfolding
entirely perfect
the traumatic, the ecstatic
all experiences
simply showing us, reminding us
of our only true
One Love, One Earth, One Family

like, just step out of the way of your own goddang limited perception of who ya think ye are! why the fuck not!

but hey — I’ll See You There, when we’re ready !!