writing is alchemy

what dares to be revealed in the darkest recesses
and crevices

I sit crouched over the keyboard unable to move
until inspiration insists i must
manifesting the dimension of thought into the dimension of Matter
the creation of words from ether, an incredible power
so immense it is to bring forth the mind and spirit into form

what spells do we weave so carelessly?


thoughts are the pioneer manifesters of creation, even the quiet ones we
try to deny because they do not fit in with
how we wish to be perceived
though try to hide your secret thoughts from the Observor, I dare you!
a comedic play

thoughts have roots, sometimes they are tangled around the heart and the
space between the eyes
the stomach, the jawline
those are the ones that
accompany you in the middle of the night
and need the most tending, the most compassion

as a creator of thought into matter
my work is in listening deeply, intimately, bravely to those thoughts
i hide away from
that i resist
the thoughts that would bury me in shame
if you were to know them
not attaching or projecting on them but tending to them
like i would a baby
tracing their roots back to the
lies of the mind to the
truths of the heart
witnessing them with curious love, anyways

it is my only work these days
to sit in non-doing
until inspiration insists i do
~~ tracing thoughts, clarifying creation lalala