salvation starts within


while the world is on fire
and the waters are being poisoned,
word of both being spread all over the globe
like butter on a warm piece of toast,
it’s super interesting how our mundane lives still have to go on
business as usual
whether it’s cooking up dinner, deciding what to wear
scrolling through memes
taking a walk in the forest and appreciating how the morning sun reflects
off the drops of dew precariously hanging off leaves turning colours

I mean, what else can one do?

aside from really appreciating and utilizing one’s position of being born into
comfort and privilege
for the highest good
and being fully present to all of life’s experiences
what to do?

many of our physical existences are removed from the
casualties and realities of famine, drought, raging storms
climate chaos
(for now)
though we can feel it in our heart of hearts, the damage being done
to the human hive on planet earth
to all of life

like bees and ants, flocks of birds and schools of fish
humans move and work as one unit
though there are quite a few rogues who don’t see it
don’t feel it
who overtime just don’t believe it anymore

so, what to do?

how we treat ourselves is reflected in what we consume
with our senses
what we eat, what we listen to, what we observe
our judgments and endless streams of thought
nothing without a ripple effect, somewhere

how we treat ourselves is how we treat mother Gaia
and all of Her creation
and so if humans were really
truly ready
for ascension, for ‘saving mother nature’
it would begin from the inside
of every awakening and growingly-aware human
(and if you’ve ever met a high vibrational being
you know how influential just one individual can be)

so I just want to remind anyone who is
feeling the overwhelming grief of living on this planet,
a member of a species that is disconnected from the creation of life itself,
that every thought, word, action, and deed that stems from within
your being
is imperatively critical for the healing of Earth and all her children

so you won’t singlehandedly stop the Amazon from
you could change the hearts and minds of
the very mundane people you meet
in your every day
business as usual
and THAT
THAT is how we as a human nation
shall someday know