“time flies when you’re …”

yeah, that takes time’

my eyebrows raised in response
to the deadpan look on his face
and i let out what could only be described
as a guffaw

‘heh hmm, yes, that it does’

our time together
was drawing to a close
having just spent the week in the presence of
this intriguing human whose heart and soul
were just so obvious, so open
whereas the man in the middle of both
was evasive and cloaked in
a mystery only an introvert
can really wear

‘it would be really nice to get to know you better’

i had said it with honesty
and with the expected niceties
when in the presence of an acquaintance
and maybe with an expectation
that he’d agree
but i just wound up feeling humbled
by his simple truth

it takes time

and it’s funny because
i’ve grown up in a culture that wants it all
the quick fix
the one weekend
workshop to find enlightenment
30 minutes or less, skip the dishes
a brief exchange of words and pictures
via the
latest dating app
one more meme to post
so someone else can catch a glimpse
of a feeling

and it’s not really funny
the true value
of presence
is so easily
lost to another episode of
the latest netflicks binge
and cellphone scroll through meal-time
and it’s
driving this culture
to anxiety and depression
where the past lingers
and the future looms
and the here and now
is only casually glimpsed
in a moment when one forgets to
disengage from their self

and i wonder how
anyone ever finds the time
to be anywhere else

it was an afterthought
days after our exchange
that i had a moment where
i wanted to come back to him and
tell him that
i didn’t need to get to know the man
between the heart and the soul
that the truth would lie
in the moments where
I knew myself

for to know myself
would be to know all of creation
and that
i could see Him anyways
beyond our stories of past and future

if i just allowed for stillness
i could know myself
i could know him

if i just allowed for stillness

so, i don’t know
to truly know someone, something
the hows and whys
the real journey, the real story
the real reason
maybe that kind of knowing can
only Be
within the
absence of time

and that,
that is everpresent

have you ever experienced the
of meeting another’s eyes
and recognizing each other’s
in the present

a witnessing of all this glorious

i live for that